Cairo Overnight Tour From Eilat

1 Day

Cairo Overnight Tour From Eilat. In order to maximize your time in Cairo, consider taking a day trip from Eilat that includes everything from transportation to private tours to lunch and assistance with border crossings. Traveling from Eilat to Cairo overland offers a stunning view of the Egyptian deserts, mountains, and coast, as well as the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and Egyptian Museum.


  • Tour Cairo with our qualified guides, transportation included.
  • Tour the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, the sphinx, and much more. A great tour for the whole family, or for a couple.

Cairo Overnight Tour From Eilat

At 10:00 pm a driver will pick you up from your hotel in Eilat or from the airport and then drive to the Taba border, and go through the border proceedings.

One Day Cairo tour from Eilat -

The following morning you’ll arrive in Cairo at 8:00 am.

We’ll begin our day tour with a tour of the famous Giza Pyramids and Sphinx. Make sure to bring a fully charged camera to capture majestic photos of these grand structures.

Next, we’ll visit the market of Khan el Khalil, followed by a tour of the Egyptian Museum. We’ll enjoy a meal at 5:00 pm and have free time till 6:00 pm when we begin driving back to Eilat.

The expected arrival time is at 12:00am the following day.

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