5-Day Northern Peru Tour: The Moche Empire - 5 Days

5-Day Northern Peru Tour: The Moche Empire

Join us for a unique Peru tour to the northern reaches of the country to discover the ancient history of the Moche Empire.

5-Day Northern Peru Tour: The Moche Empire

Sun, color and happiness is ahead of you. The north of Peru provides amazing ancestral sites in inhospitable locations, breathes magic in pyramids and memorial graves and breathes us into museums and archeological sites with golden treasures. Here is the mystery, we just need to be ready to reveal its hidden treasures.

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Day 1

Upon arrival at Lima airport a representative will greet you and transfer you to your hotel. Feel free to take the rest of the day to explore the city.

Day 2
Lima - Chiclayo

Lima will surprise us in the morning with two of the country’s finest museums.

The Museum of Archeology and Anthropology provides a panoramic perspective of the most representative societies in ancient Peru.

We will later visit the Larco Museum; a mansion constructed in the 18th century on top of a pre-Columbian pyramid around the 7th century. There are many treasures that are often displayed in the most prestigious museums in the world for us to see. Don’t miss the warehouse and the unique pre-Columbian erotic ceramic collection.

Then we will fly to Chiclayo and move to the airport. A driver will take you to your hotel upon landing.

Day 3
Chiclayo - Tucume - Chiclayo

The trip begins with a visit to the archeological site of Huaca Rajada where remains of the Lord of Sipan were discovered.

Then it’s off to Tucume’s Pyramids Valley, an impressive and most important urban center of its time, just 33 km from Chiclayo. The legend of the god of Naylamp and the queen of Cetemi, who came from the ocean, lives among the colonists still strong.

For a opportunity to try the finest traditional local cuisine, we will have dinner at one of the restaurants in the region: a diverse and spicy array of flavors for our palate.

To end the day, a visit to the Sipan Museum’s Royal Tombs, also known as the Museum of the 21st Century. Built as an precise depiction of the initial tomb, it is home to incredible treasures of gold, silver and precious stones. You’ll never forget an amazing experience.

Day 4
Chiclayo - Trujillo

Today we will say goodbye to Chiclayo as we leave on a three-hour drive to Trujillo by private transport, enjoying the beauty of the valley along the manner.

We will reach Casa Grande sugar hacienda along the manner, where we will take a detour to the Archeological Complex and Museum of Brujo, named after the polychrome friezes on its walls. A pre-Inca cemetery to be found in the surrounding area.

Then we’ll visit the Lady of Cao Complex where we’ll see this well-preserved mummy, found a few years ago, and potential Moche culture ruler.

We will then arrive in Trujillo and move to the hotel. Exploring the town the remainder of the afternoon.

Day 5
Trujillo - Lima

We’re going to begin the day visiting the Moon Temple, just 5 km away from the city. In its polychrome treasures, this Huaca contains lovely treasures and over-exposes friezes and urban architecture. Next, we will visit the Dragon’s imposing Temple.

In the evening we’ll arrive at South America’s biggest mud town: Chan Chan, the Chimu Empire’s capital.

The tour continues with a visit to the cove of fishermen from Huanchaco, renowned for its totora reed ships called Totora Horses. Lunch at one of the area’s finest seafood restaurants.

Transfer to the airport afterwards to catch the flight to Lima to connect with your home plane.

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