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5-Day Beijing and Its Hutongs Experience Tour - 5 Days

5-Day Beijing and Its Hutongs Experience Tour

Discover Beijing and local Chinese culture with a 5-day China tour.

5-Day Beijing & Its Hutongs Experience Tour

• See the incredible Chinese Acrobatics & Kung Fu shows.
• Take a day trip to the Great Wall of China.
• Discover the traditional narrow Hutongs on a Rickshaw.

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More info about Beijing:

Beijing | gotravelyourself.com

Beijing is the capital of China, with its history stretching over 3,000 years. It hosts famous Forbidden City and Imperial Palace.

Read more about Beijing in our City Spotlight.

More info about China:

China | gotravelyourself.com

China, country in East Asia, is the most populous state in the world. It spans over 3,000 years of rich history and culture.

Read more about China in our Country Spotlight.

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