4-Day Classic El Calafate Tour - 4 Days

4-Day Classic El Calafate Tour

4-Day Classic El Calafate Tour. Journey into the heart of Patagonia for a 4 day vacation package and El Calafate tour, a perfect Argentina tour to the Perito Moreno glacier.

4-Day Classic El Calafate Tour

• Travel with us to the amazing Perito Moreno Glacier
• Tour the heart of Los Glaciares National Park
• Travel through Argentina’s wild landscape by SUV and boat

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Day 1: Arrival in El Calafate

You will be greeted and moved to the Hainen hotel in the city center upon arrival at El Calafate International Airport.

You’ll be free to spend the rest of the day at your leisure.

Day 2: Perito Moreno Glaciar Mini Trek OR Perito Moreno Glacier Boat Safari

You will take one of two Los Glaciares tours depending on your departure date, both of which are ideal for those lovers of nature who want to explore lakes , rivers, mountains and trails to discover one of its greatest wonders.

Mini Trek Perito Moreno Glaciar-August through May

It is a one of a kind experience to trek over the Perito Moreno Glacier! Nothing beats walking and enjoying the view of your crampons on the ice.

We will pick you up from your hotel after breakfast and we will drive towards Los Glaciares National Park. We’ll head towards the Bajo de las Sombras port pier, about 6 km before the Balconies glacier, where you’ll embark on a 20-minute sail across the Rico Arm, catching spectacular views of the front wall of the Perito Moreno glacier.

Amazing 4 Days Tour in El Calafate

You will eventually disembark on the opposite shore after getting closer to the glacier, where our expert bilingual mountain guides will welcome you and lead you to a small shelter. You will follow your guides along the shore of the lake towards the edge of the glacier once we’ve reviewed the final information.

The real adventure will begin there and you will step foot on the glacier! Your guides will give you a pair of crampons once on the ice and describe how to use them.

The two-hour circuit that follows introduces you to the glaciers ‘fascinating landscape: lakes, tiny lagoons, gullies, crevasses, and many of the most impressive blues’ ice formations. The surface of the ice you are walking over is irregular, but strong and secure.

You will get explanations about the region’s flora , fauna, general glaciology, and also about the specific phenomenon that occurs and eventually causes its rupture in the Perito Moreno Glacier.

A stroll through the woods takes you back to the shelter after the hike. You’ll board again from the shelter to get back to the pier, where we’ll drive you back to your room.

To enjoy El Calafate, the rest of the evening is yours.

About what to bring?

Outfit: athletic shoes or boots for hiking. Ski boots made of rubber and apres, as well as high heel shoes, are not permitted.

Long pants, light sweater or pile, water or windproof jacket, sun glasses, sun filter, gloves. Comfortable athletic wear.

Lunch: Passengers must carry boxes for their lunch.

Significant LIMITATIONS: it is NOT permitted because of the degree of commitment and difficulty that this excursion presents; pregnant women, overweight people, any form of disability, or health issues.

Age: Between the ages of 10 and 65. Every day, all these programs are offered. The full transport tour from El Calafate takes about 10 hours.

Glacier Boat Safari Perito Moreno-June to July

The boat tour, which allows you to get closer to the Perito Moreno Glacier region, is what makes it very special, offering a unique experience because of the views and landscapes that are difficult to see in any other way.

We will pick you up from your hotel after breakfast and we will drive towards Los Glaciares National Park. On our way to Brazo Rico, we will travel along scenic Route 11, which runs alongside the main course of Lago Argentino.
Perito Moreno Glacier Private Tour with Boat Ride from El Calafate
We will go to the Curva de los Suspiros once in the park, where we will get off the vehicle to take a first look at the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is an impressive photo for sure. We will make another stop later at Muelle bajo las Sombras, where we will sail to get closer to the glacier’s southern wall.

We will approach the breathtaking Perito Moreno ice walls by boat, getting close enough to ponder its immensity and also to observe the continually occurring ice landslides. The boat will pause for a few minutes to get a closer look at the scenery when we get to the front wall, giving us a really good chance to take interesting photos and film the scene.

Then we will head to the glacier’s front catwalks, where we will see it from several balconies positioned at different heights, allowing it to be seen from different angles, each one more spectacular than the last. Finally, we will have some free time to spot the numerous detachments that take place on an ongoing basis, and those who want to will enjoy lunch at any of the restaurants near the runways.

We will return to El Calafate in the afternoon and drop you off at your room.

To enjoy El Calafate, the rest of the evening is yours.

About what to bring?

* Warm jacket and clothing
* Shoes that are comfortable
* Sunscreen Filter And Sunglasses

Day 3: Full Day Boat Trip on the Ice River From El Calafate

Our journey to Patagonia ‘s Ice Rivers will take you so close to the glaciers that you’ll feel the pulse of Patagonia at your fingertips.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning, after breakfast, and you will head towards the Port of Punta Bandera, 47 kilometers from the town of El Calafate. You’ll travel to Los Glaciares National Park along Route 11 and skirt the main part of Lake Argentino to the private port of Puerto Bandera, arriving about 8:30 a.m.

You will be briefed about safety and seaworthiness quickly and you will then embark on a modern catamaran at 09:00 am to start sailing between the northern icebergs and the namesake Upsala Glacier.

You can observe the largest glacier, Glacier Spegazzini, almost 100 meters in height, passing through another arm of the lake.

You will be taken back to shore and take ground transport to El Calafate after spending the day being fascinated by the landscapes and unique experience.

Day 4: El Calafate Departure

You will check in at your hotel in the morning after breakfast and you will have free time before your car picks you up to take you to the airport.


Day 1

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