3-Day Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure at Heliconia Lodge - 3 Days

3-Day Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure at Heliconia Lodge

Take the ultimate Peru vacation with an exciting Iquitos tour to the stunning Heliconia Lodge to explore the amazing Peruvian Amazon.

3-Day Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure at Heliconia Lodge

• Experience a stay in a natural reserve in Iquitos, Heliconia Lodge features pool and lobby-bar service besides, it is located in Yanamono reserve, just at 80 km far from Iquitos city center.
• Do not miss this amazing opportunity to be sunrounded by the natural environment

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Day 1
Iquitos - Heliconia Lodge

You will arrive in Iquitos City today, where we will pick you up from the airport and move you to the pier.

We will travel down the Amazon River from here by boat, the largest river in the world by length, and experience the magnificence of the river, the lush rainforest and the picturesque villages along the riverside. We will then arrive at the Heliconia Lodge, where we will settle down and have lunch.

We will hike to the Yanamono Communal Reserve after lunch, where we will recognise different botanical species, such as heliconias, medicinal plants and the giant lupuna tree.

We will take a boat trip along Quebrada Manco at night to explore the mystical nocturnal world of the rainforest.

Then we’ll head out for dinner at the cabin.

Day 2
Heliconia Lodge - Quebrada Caceres - Heliconia Lodge

Early in the morning, in the vicinity of Quebrada Cáceres, we will have a bird watching tour to see different species of local birds, including tuki, kingfisher, coto hawk, and others. Then we’ll head out for lunch at the cabin.

Then we’re going to continue our boat trip along the Amazon River in search of pink dolphins. Using native methods, enjoy fishing.

We will go to the lakes on Yanamono Island in the afternoon to watch the spectacular ‘Victorias Regias.’

We will go on a night walk through the surroundings of the lodge after dinner to watch and find tarantulas, fireflies and other Amazonian nocturnal animals.

Day 3
Heliconia Lodge - Iquitos

We will visit an artisanal mill on our final day, where we can sample various regional beverages made with sugar cane juice. Then we’ll head out for lunch at the cabin.

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