3.5-Hour Berlin Foodie Tour

3.5-Hour Berlin Foodie Tour

Calling all foodies! Join us on a culinary sojourn far off the tourist track, to taste what the locals eat in Berlin. The best things to do in Berlin.

• An elegant German craft beer aperitif
• A hearty appetizer
• A small beer or wine
• A typical German dish
• A sweet surprise with coffee or tea
• Vegetarian option available

3.5-Hour Berlin Foodie Tour

Berlin`s food scene is booming! Join us on the Berlin Foodie Tour on Fridays and Saturdays. Enjoy Berlin`s culinary delights alongside the history that brought them here.

Sample a traditional German dish, all washed down with a beer (or two) from the world`s oldest brewery. Explore the labyrinthine courtyards of Berlin`s Jewish district and sample locally sourced mustards, honeys, booze, and sauces! Dive into the capital`s modern Turkish and Arabic traditions, and learn how a Turkish restaurateur accidentally created one of Germany`s most popular dishes: Currywurst!

No trip to the Hauptstadt would be complete without currywurst, Berliners favorite dish. You`re in for a sweet surprise as we finish our tour with a tasty trip to a prestigious German bakery.

We`ll make sure to finish up just around the corner from our meeting point at Hackescher Markt, meaning we leave perfectly poised to extend your exploration of the historical district of Mitte.

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