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2-Hour Amsterdam Bike Tour

2-Hour Amsterdam Bike Tour
2-Hour Amsterdam Bike Tour

The ultimate Amsterdam bike tour. A 2-hour guided tour of Amsterdam by bicycle. Explore the city in style. Experience Amsterdam like a local!

• Explore Amsterdam by bike
• Discover the most wonderful parts of Amsterdam
• Experience Amsterdam like a local: On a bicycle!

2-Hour Amsterdam Bike Tour

With the bicycle you can reach places which remain inaccessible to others. We have put together a safely guided bicycle tour which will give you a fascinating picture of Amsterdam`s rich history. During the tour you will pass all the interesting spots such as the charming Jordaan quarter, Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, the Vondelpark, the Skinny Bridge, and the Red Light District.

Our experienced guides will show you the way and tell the fascinating story of the history and evolution of Amsterdam over the years.

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