2.5-Hour Thessaloniki Food and Culture Tour

1 Day

Take it easy on this guided city tour of Thessaloniki if you want to avoid the parking hell that is downtown Thessaloniki. Take a stroll through the historic Old Town and along the walls of the city. Archaeological museums, the Rotunda, and the Church of Agios Dimitrios are all worth a visit in addition to the White Tower, Galerius’ arch, and the Rotunda. There are no additional fees for a tour that includes transportation and a guide.


  • Walk the city streets and visit non-touristic venues
  • Experience Thessaloniki like a local
  • 8 bites and 3 drinks included

2.5-Hour Thessaloniki Food and Culture Tour

Thessaloniki City Morning Walking Food Tour

Indulge in an experience and become a part of the local lifestyle! The first tasty stop in this local neighborhood of Thessaloniki is a traditional pastry shop. The place is a real sweet wonderland not only for taste but also for sight. Enjoy high-quality treats and take a unique opportunity to peek into how they are being made. Test your own pastry-making skills, and have lots of fun!

Trying Greek coffee is a must if you want the real Greek experience – so enjoy one in an authentic ambiance of a corner coffee place. This is a moment to relax and socialize the same way locals have done for centuries. It’s time to taste a variety of tasteful meze, much attached to Greek culture. When it comes to food, Greeks do it best, so be prepared to treat your senses and enjoy many flavors during this tour.

Enjoy your last stop, a modern venue with great drinks and a view of the marina.

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