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Barcelona: vibrant, artistic, relaxed city of Gaudi

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Visit Italy: 14 things you need to know

Italy has it all: rich history, spectacular cultural heritage, great food, wonderful site seeing experiences, numerous world known landmarks, friendly people, affordable accommodation and easy transport from place to place.

Most interesting virtual tours and live feeds from around the world

It's a beginning of April, 2020, and usually the time when Easter break travel preparations are deep underway, but not this April. The world is in a horrendous agony of COVID-19 pandemics and travel is the last thing that one should think of now. In most countries, even going to…

Virtual museum and sightseeing tours of Vienna

With all the insane situation with pandemic caused by COVID-19, people are getting increasingly stressed by staying at home in self isolation or straight up quarantine. Travel plans are being cancelled, and for a good reason - this virus is not something to be taken lightly. We urge our customers…

Top 5 museums to see while in Vienna

Vienna is not that big as a city (compared to some other world capitals), but it has more than 100 museums. There are impressive art and historical collections and artifacts which can impress every visitor seeking through cultural heritage. We are listing here top five museums to get you started,…

Perth: second windiest city in the world

All the way in 1829, British settlers established a free settler colony as part of the Swan River Colony. They named it "Perth" after the city of Perth in Scotland, the hometown of Sir George Murray, the British Colonial Secretary at that time. Perth is a beautiful city, that somehow…

Best 5 star hotels in Vienna

There are almost fifty 5 star hotels in Vienna and it shouldn’t be a problem finding your favorite. One thing about Vienna five star and luxury hotels is that they are not that expensive as in other European metropolis and they can fit into a limited budget.