Top 5: places to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, 2018

Top 5: places to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US

With Thanksgiving around the corner (22nd November), here are some recommendations on where to spend it in the US, if you like to travel during the holidays. Enjoy!

New York

This goes without saying, New York is great for Thanksgiving, especially during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, tradition dating all the way from 1924. Parade’s six mile route in Manhattan gives you plenty of spots to observe marching bands and your favorite balloon character, and this is great event for kids, of course.

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Boston is natural choice if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving for its historical roots: the first Thanksgiving was held in 1621 in present-day Plymouth, Massachusetts, about 40 miles away. You can also celebrate Thanksgiving in Plymouth, with rich program, dinner and history lessons.

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Not everyone’s first choice for Thanksgiving, but the fact that weather is nice in November over there, and you might get good discounts on packages in Disneyworld, this would make your kids (and yourself) very happy.

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Rocky Mountains

Head to the Rockies! Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday in the nature, and you can visit them from either side, the US or Canada. There is plenty of offers for Thanksgiving in National parks and dinner packages for families.

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Chicago might come as a surprise for Thanksgiving recommendation, but since everybody is heading out of the city during the holidays, it would be a good idea to go there. And, as a plus, the Thanksgiving Day parade in Chicago is the second best in the US, right after the New York one!

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Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

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