Top 5 destinations this fall – 2018

Top 5: destinations this fall - 2018

Top 5 destinations this fall – 2018. The fall is around the corner, it starts on 23rd September and summer vacations and holidays are over for most of us (there are some lucky people who are just starting with their travel plans, and this is probably an article for them).

Fall (or autumn) is a season between summer and winter (for those destinations with four seasons) and although weather changes to colder and there is a rain, it can be magical on its own right and be very enjoyable for travel. Oh, and did we mention that flights and holidays packages are much cheaper in fall? Ok, I hope we have your full attention now! 🙂


Greece can be visited throughout the year, but during fall time there are so many advantages: fewer tourists, still very nice weather to enjoy beaches, sunbathing and water sports, and prices drop dramatically. So you can enjoy this wonderful country with great history and culture and stunning nature with less summer heat and sometimes half the price. Visiting Athens only with its museums, archaeological sites and picturesque restaurants would be a treat by itself.

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Yosemite National park

If you are more into outdoor activities, Yosemite National Park is great option for your fall destination. You can enjoy hiking, boat rides, horse riding, spectacular landscape views and camping. And all that with very moderate temperatures, ranging from 22 to 29 C (70 to 85 F) during months of September and October.

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Southern Germany

If you want to experience fairy tale like environment, head to southern Germany in fall. Combination of fall colors, medieval castles and churches will make you enjoy this season even more. You can rent a car and hop from place to place. There is entire 350 km (220 mi) road going from very south of Germany to the north, called Romantic road with bunch of beautiful landmarks along the way.

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Similarly to south of Germany, north of Italy can be amazing in fall, especially Tuscany and Umbria region. There are many harvest festivals with wine and food tastings and you can also join the harvest and pick some grapes yourself! If you are still into summer mood, you can head south to Amalfi coast and enjoy wonderful landscapes and amazing views, together with swimming and beach leisure activities. You can also rent a car and travel on your own from the very north of Italy (South Tyrol) and all the way to the south around Sorrento area in few days and enjoy many attractions and tasty food.

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Visiting Cuzco and Machu Picchu in Peru is once in a life time experience for most of us, so why don’t get most out of it? It can be rainy up there at the end of September, but experience will be still very enjoyable, with less tourists’ crowds and nice temperatures and greener landscapes. This will make your holiday photos even prettier! Prices also drop for fall season. Speaking of which, Peru has only two seasons, wet and dry. Dry one is until October, but rain is still to be expected end of September.

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Some other locations worth mentioning this fall: Southern California, always a good choice in fall, with much fewer tourists and prices drop, Mexico, also with fewer tourists but with many festivals and San Francisco, always good place to visit, but with more relaxing atmosphere in fall.

Enjoy your trip and have a safe travels!

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