Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris Guided Tour

What to see in Paris? Take a guided tour of Pere Lachaise Cemetery to see the graves of numerous luminaries. A must do on any trip to Paris.

• The only group tour of Pere Lachaise Cemetery!
• Incorporating stories and history into a pleasant afternoon walk through a park-like setting
• Tour of the most well-known graves: Jim Morrison and Chopin
• Visits to lesser known graves such as Heloise and Abelard

Pere Lachaise Cemetery Guided Tour

When visiting a new city, most people wouldn’t include a cemetery on their list of “sights to see,” but Pere Lachaise in Paris is distinct.

Considered one of the world’s most costly and coveted grave properties-Pere LaChaise is home to 70,000 dead, including some of the world’s most renowned painters, authors, and musicians. For Jim Morrison, most understand this cemetery, but it would be a shame to disregard the remainder, as the tombstones tell endless intriguing tales about the life set here.

Meander with us this labyrinth of rocks, trees and dirt trails as your guide points out the renowned tombs and hidden eccentricities that make this place unique. The tomb of Oscar Wilde certainly stands out, completely covered with bright red lipstick kiss marks from the admirers visiting. Discover one of the biggest and most tragic love tales ever-Heloise & Abelard’s, now buried side by side after long years of separation. You can almost hear his most well-known piece, the Funeral Dirge, as we pass the tomb of Chopin.

We’ll also discover Moliere’s resting place, the renowned playwright from France. Renowned for irony and satire, Moliere, a sick man whose physicians believed he was a hypochondriac, died on stage playing a good man who is a hypochondriac while the crowd wept on him.

Ironically speaking, the most visited tomb in this Paris cemetery is that of Jim Morrison, the notorious American rock star. His tomb is covered with graffiti from the hoards of supporters who come here to visit his place of rest. Balzac, Proust and Delacroix, among others, are waiting for us in the hidden corners of the cemetery. No hurry! No rush! We’re going to see all of them-they’re not going anywhere.

Join us on this very unique cemetery tour and relive the life and tales of the excellent individuals buried here with out tour.

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