Grand Canyon Celebration Helicopter with Vegas Strip Tour from LV McCarran

See the splendor of Las Vegas and explore the magnitude of the Grand Canyon from the sky as we enjoy an exhilarating helicopter journey!

• Helicopter tour with landing on the canyon floor
• Sunset tour
• Stunning flight
• Provided by the world’s largest Grand Canyon Sightseeing company in Business Since 1965 serving 450.000 people a year

Grand Canyon Celebration Helicopter with Vegas Strip Tour from LV McCarran

Embark on a spectacular journey to the magnificent Grand Canyon from the Las Vegas. Soar above the skies of historic landmarks and scenic desert beauty. See sights such as Hoover Dam, Black Canyon, Lake Mead, and the mighty Colorado River.

Upon entering the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, soar over Hualapai Land as you pass by the Skywalk Glass Bridge, the highest man-made structure in the world. As your helicopter descends 4,000 feet to the canyon floor, take in the magnificent beauty of the canyon rock surrounding you. On the bank beside the Colorado River, one can witness first hand the geological history of the rock formations within the West Rim’s canyon walls. See the beautiful view of the amazing Colorado River as it flows along the canyon floor.

Upon landing on the canyon floor, time is allocated to walk around and explore ancient Hualapai land. Champagne and a light meal are served under a Ramada known as a traditional Hualapai Indian shelter. On your return flight, fly over the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

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