ATV Adventure and Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik

Quad biking in Iceland followed by a Northern Lights hunt from Reykjavik. Feel the thrill of the off-road ATV adventure. Witness the Northern Lights.

• All-terrain-vehicle (ATV) up to the top of Mt. Hafrafell
• Spectacular views over Reykjavik
• An exciting hunt for the Northern Lights

ATV Adventure and Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik

Quad Biking Iceland – Northern Lights Tour

Ride an all-terrain-vehicle up a mountainside, breathless with excitement, adrenaline and the spectacular view, then hunt for the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

ATV adventure

The ATV adventure begins soon after sunset. Our trusted partners Safari Quads take care of part one, ensuring that participants are properly instructed at Base camp for an experience that is as safe as it is fun.

The ATV convoy heads out on the trails for a full hour of fun and excitement, the course set for the summit of Mt. Hafrafjall, where the group will enjoy views over Reykjavik before embarking on a Northern Lights tour.

Northern Lights Tour

Next stop is the bus terminal, where we will board the Northern Lights tour bus and begin the hunt for the Aurora Borealis. Our Northern Lights local experts will lead the way to secret viewing spots where you can watch the Northern Lights weave their way across the night sky.

As operators of Northern Lights tours in Iceland for more than ten years, we know a thing or two about this elusive and beautiful phenomenon. We know when and where to go in order to maximize the chances of finding and viewing the Northern Lights.

Pick-up for the quad-bike safari commences at 5:00pm, and the hunt for the Northern Lights can often last until midnight, but the memories are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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