Dog Sledding Adventure, North America

While many travelers prefer to visit tropical destinations during their winter holidays, why not visit a place where you can enjoy winter activities? Have you ever considered a dog sledding wilderness adventure in North America? The thrill of traversing the wilderness on a sled drawn by dogs is fun, exciting, and unique.

There are many locations in North America where you can enjoy “mushing” an Alaskan dog sled as well as camping overnight in canvas tents heated by wood stoves. One such location is the Algonquin Park in Canada. There are different types of dog sledding plans that range from a single day trip to an eleven-day thrill of a lifetime.

Some of these trips require that you have previous experience with a dog sled trip over the course of five days. Most of these trips are available from December through March, and it is recommended that you plan the trip well in advance. It should also be noted that these trips are physically demanding. The package price includes transportation to and from Toronto as well as all equipment, and is usually conducted for groups of four or more via private passenger vans.

You can also choose a short dog sledding vacation in Kananaskis Country, situated just outside Banff National Park. There are different types of dog sledding plans available at this exquisite location. You can choose two hours of fun as you experience some of the most stunning landscapes of the Canadian Rockies.

This is the best way to become acquainted with the fun and frolic of dog sledding. If you have been dog sledding before, you can select the half-day tour of Mt. Nestor. Or, if you are more adventurous, try out the full day mushing tour. There are accommodation facilities at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge offering guests rooms to suit all budgets.

The next time you are planning a winter vacation, consider a dog sledding wilderness vacation. It cannot be compared to any other activity and, once you experience it, you will return to these and other locations year after year.

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