Destination Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and almost third of country’s population live there. It is located between two large harbors in North Island, and its grounds are on top of more than 50 extinct volcanoes. But don’t worry, they are really extinct, last eruption happened in 15th century, with Rangitoto.

Auckland is a modern city and main point of entry to New Zealand, but the capital of country is Wellington sitting centrally in country’s elongated islands shape. City skyline is dominated by Sky Tower, which gives stunning view of Viaduct Harbour, packed with yachts and sailboats. Hence the nickname of Auckland – the city of sails.

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Activity: Aquatic

Activity: Aquatic

Waterparks, scuba diving, canoe ride, boat tours, all activities related to water. Many activities are seasonal for certain destinations, so make sure you come back here often as we are always adding new offers!

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Activity: Camping

Activity: Camping

For people who like outdoors and adventure, we have many camping trips around the globe. More camping activities available from the link below.

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Culture tour

Foodie Tours

Activity: Foodie Tours

Activity: Foodie Tours

Foodie tours, learn about different cuisines and try delicious food around the globe! Indulge in flavors that you might have never experienced before.

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Activity: Hiking

Activity: Hiking

Hiking activities, through various terrains and hiking trails and national parks. Ideal for active travelers who want to experience destination while staying physically active and mobile.

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Hotel stay

Activity: Hotel stay

Activity: Hotel Stay

Includes hotel stay offers from our providers. These are hand picked hotels and accommodations to deliver best offers to our customers. More offers are being posted regularly.

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Activity: Sightseeing

Activity: Sightseeing

Sightseeing activity; visit interesting places around the world and enjoy famous landmarks, monuments, architecture and more! More activities are added here regularly.

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