Destination Honolulu

Destination Honolulu

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is nicknamed The Big Pineapple, which hints to New York’s Big Apple, but the origin of the name is related to Dole Pineapple company. The more you know. The name Honolulu is far more poetic and translates into ‘sheltered harbor’, which, once you see Honolulu makes much more sense.

The city is sitting on the south shore of Oahu Island, one of the eight main islands (out of total of 137) from Hawaii island chain, all of volacanic origins, located in the middle of North Pacific Ocean. Honolulu and the rest of Hawaii are very popular tourist destinations for all type of travellers: families, groups or honeymooners. The reason is simple: this is true tropical paradise with great nature and friendly locals.

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Culture tour


Activity: Flying

Activity: Flying

Flying activity, mostly with a helicopter. Various packages for flying over cities, national parks, canyons and more. We are adding more flying options regularly.

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Foodie Tours


Activity: Hiking

Activity: Hiking

Hiking activities, through various terrains and hiking trails and national parks. Ideal for active travelers who want to experience destination while staying physically active and mobile.

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Hotel stay

Activity: Hotel stay

Activity: Hotel Stay

Includes hotel stay offers from our providers. These are hand picked hotels and accommodations to deliver best offers to our customers. More offers are being posted regularly.

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Activity: Snorkeling

Activity: Snorkeling

Exciting activity of snorkeling in various locations. Experience this aquatic activity and explore underwater world. More activities of this type coming soon!

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