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Perth: second windiest city in the world

Perth, Australia

All the way in 1829, British settlers established a free settler colony as part of the Swan River Colony. They named it “Perth” after the city of Perth in Scotland, the hometown of Sir George Murray, the British Colonial Secretary at that time.
Perth is a beautiful city, that somehow has a small-town feel. It has several beautiful parks, amazing white sand beaches and nearby islands, the outback around the corner, together with forests and caves. They call it the most isolated city in the world as the nearest city is few thousand kilometers away, but you don’t feel it when you are there, where locals are friendly and laid back.

The best restaurants in Vienna

The best restaurants in Vienna

Austria has quite distinguished cuisine, consisting of a mixture of German, Hungarian and several other, mostly Central European influences. This includes lots of meat, mostly pork and beef, vegetables, both cooked and pickled and large variety of sweets, mostly cakes with heavy fillings. Food high in calories is normal for places like Austria, as climate can be harsh during winter and majority of country is in the mountainous areas.