Where can you travel after COVID-19 in Europe – top European destinations that are safe(r)

Where can you travel after COVID-19 in Europe

Summer is here and you are probably thinking: where can you travel after COVID-19 is over in Europe? First of all, COVID-19 is not over yet. At least not in Europe. European countries started carefully opening their borders for international …

Top 5 museums to see while in Vienna

Art History Museum Vienna

Vienna is not that big as a city (compared to some other world capitals), but it has more than 100 museums. There are impressive art and historical collections and artifacts which can impress every visitor seeking through cultural heritage. We are listing here top five museums to get you started, you can keep exploring and maybe visit all of them!

Best 5 star hotels in Rome

Best 5-star hotels in Rome

Best 5 star hotels in Rome. Rome is one of the top travel destinations in the world and it is considered a must for any avid traveler. This is not a surprise, as this magnificent city is packed with attractions, museums, historic landmarks, classy restaurants and beautiful architecture. And not to forget some serious high end shopping for some world famous brands!

Top 5 snow destinations this winter, 2019/2020


Winter is a season for having fun in the snow, at least in the northern hemisphere, so let us look into some recommendations on where to spend some time to cheer up during these cold days – top snow destinations! Some of these locations are chosen as something that would be unusual to every day skiing enthusiast. Enjoy!